Friday, May 6, 2011


Hey, so there is a new post below that you should check out, but I wanted to quickly mention that we have a bunch of extra t-shirts from the tournament and we are selling them and giving the proceeds to Stepping Stones (an NGO described in previous posts). If you would like a shirt, I could just buy one for you and then give it to you whenever I see you or send it to you once I'm home (depending on where you are). The shirts are only $5 USD. I need to know if you want one by Tuesday, because that's when I'm leaving Gabs. If you want one, leave a comment on this post with the size you want (sorry, only M or L). Or email me at Thank you! Here are some handsome models wearing the shirts and a more detailed view of the logo:


  1. Hi Mike! We would love to have one of the shirts for remembrance sake. Please put us down for a medium size. We'll pay you when you get back, if that works for you. I the logo on the shirt as well as the color. Looking forward to seeing you when you get back the end of May. Love ~ Rich and Kathy

  2. Hi ,

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